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Getting a License to Sell Consumable Hemp Products

In Louisiana, obtaining a license to sell consumable hemp products is crucial for businesses operating within the hemp industry. This license ensures compliance with state regulations and helps maintain consumer safety. Hemp Association of Louisiana can walk you through the steps necessary to obtain a license to sell consumable hemp products in Louisiana.

Familiarize Yourself with Louisiana's Regulations:

Before applying for a license, ensure you understand Louisiana's regulations regarding consumable hemp products. These products must contain no more than 0.3% THC and comply with labeling and testing requirements set by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH).

Determine the Type of License Needed:

In Louisiana, there are two types of licenses available for selling consumable hemp products:

  • Retail Dealer Permit: Required for businesses selling consumable hemp products directly to consumers.

  • Wholesale Dealer Permit: Required for businesses selling consumable hemp products to other businesses, such as retailers or distributors.

Determine which permit best suits your business needs before proceeding with the application process.

Prepare Required Documentation:

To apply for a license, you'll need to prepare the following documentation:

  • A completed application form, available on the Alcohol Tobacco Control (ATC) website at

  • Proof of registration for each consumable hemp product you plan to sell, obtained through the LDH

  • Proof of insurance, if applicable

  • Additional documentation may be required, depending on your business type and location

Submit Your License Application:

Submit your completed application, along with the required documentation and fees, to the ATC. The application fee for a retail dealer permit is $175, while the fee for a wholesale dealer permit is $350.

Await Approval from the ATC:

After submitting your application, the ATC will review your submission. If your application is approved, you will receive a license to sell consumable hemp products in Louisiana. This license must be displayed at your place of business and must be renewed annually.

Maintain Compliance:

Once you have obtained a license, it is essential to maintain compliance with state regulations. Ensure that all consumable hemp products you sell are properly registered with the LDH, adhere to labeling requirements, and undergo third-party testing for safety and quality.


Obtaining a license to sell consumable hemp products in Louisiana is a crucial step for businesses in the hemp industry. By following this guide and ensuring compliance with state regulations, you can help support the growth and development of the hemp industry in Louisiana while protecting consumer safety. Stay informed about updates to state regulations and maintain ongoing compliance to foster a responsible and sustainable hemp market in Louisiana.

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