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Senator Pressly call for a vote on his bill to BAN HEMP DERIVED THC yesterday and the Louisiana Senate voted 27-9 to send the bill to the Louisiana House of Representatives for consideration.

Many believed that Senator Pressly had delayed the senate vote on his bill so that industry advocates could meet and "negotiate" with him on his "zero tolerance" for THC, as he promised to do when the Senate Agriculture Committee reported his bill favorably a couple of weeks ago. It is unclear who Senator Pressly may have met with or if he met with anyone. The bill passed the Senate without amendments.

The bill now moves to the House of Representatives where it will be assigned to a committee for a public hearing and consideration. If reported favorably out of a House Committee, the bill will be considered by the entire House and if approved sent to the Governor for signature.

This is how the Louisiana Senate Voted on SB 237:

24.4.22 Senate Vote on SB 237
Download PDF • 30KB

HB 952 by Representative Miller is up for consideration and vote today in the House of Representatives. Many industry leaders have expressed their support for Representative Miller's bill, generally considered a "Clean Up" bill that clarifies existing legislation and imposes additional restraints on consumable hemp products, including a ban on the sale of hemp flower.

It is expected that Representative Bryan Fontenot, Thibodeaux, will attempt the amend HB 952 limiting the amount of THC that can be included in a single serving of a product. Representative Fontenot has not filed his amendment for public review and some suggest that it may be far reaching, perhaps calling for a total ban of hemp derived THC, similar to SB 237. Public comment is not allowed when a bill is being considered by the full house.

SB 495 filed by Senator Talbot has not been placed on the Senate Agriculture Committee agenda for public comment and consideration. With the push to end this years session in mid-May, it is presumed that SB 495 will be scheduled for committee debate soon. SB 495 would ban hemp beverages, ban hemp products from being sold in C-Stores, and change how consumable hemp products are distributed in the state.

Click on the link below to email your legislators. You may send the pre-written email or compose your own message:

Here are links to all three bills being considered by the Louisiana Legislature:

SB 237 Pressly Engrossed as Amended
Download PDF • 62KB

24.4.2 SB 495 Sen Talbot - Consumable Hemp Products
Download PDF • 133KB

24.4.16 ENGROSSED as amended by H&W HB 952 MIller
Download PDF • 75KB

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