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SB 237 Banning Hemp Products Up for Vote

Senator Thomas Pressly's SB 237 would set THC limits in consumable hemp products to ZERO. The senate overwhelmingly passed the bill with a 27-9 vote last month. Nine senators co-authored the bill including Senate President Cameron Henry. The other co-authors are: Sen Bass, Cloud, Edmonds, McMath, Miguez, Seabaugh, Talbot, and Womack.

The bill was sent to the house and is now scheduled for hearing on Tuesday May 14th at 9:30am before the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee. If approved by the committee, the bill will be voted on by the full house and if approved there, sent to the Governor for signature.

On April 23rd, the full house voted on Rep Miller's HB 952, click on link below to see article on the vote. During the debate, Rep Schlegel offered an amendment to ban THC in consumable hemp products, virtually identical to SB 237 as it relates to THC. The amendment failed on a 43-54 vote.

Every member of the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee voted on the amendment to Ban THC products. Tuesday, they will cast another vote on the Ban, this time on Senator Pressly's bill. Here is how they voted on the Ban Amendment to HB 952.

Opponents of the Hemp Industry are pushing hard to change votes and get SB 237 approved by the committee. This will be a close vote and no one can predict the results.

If SB 237 gets through the committee, is approved by the House, and signed by the Governor, there will no longer be a Hemp Industry in Louisiana.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please consider the following:

  • Contact your Senator & Representative, even if they are not on this committee. If approved in the committee, it will go to the house floor for a vote

  • Email your Senator & Representative. We make it easier by clicking below. Enter your name and address, our system looks up your elected officials and sends them an email from you.

  • Attend the Committee Hearing on May 14th, BRING YOUR FRIENDS. You don't have to speak but you can fill our a red card to express your opposition to SB 237 and get it in the record.

We have heard rumors that Senator Pressly will attempt to amend his bill to get votes on the committee. He may suggest allowing small amounts of THC in products in an effort to change a vote. He remains committed to destroying the hemp industry in Louisiana and has stated that several times. To his credit, Sen Pressly has always been straightforward about his feelings towards the industry.

Your Voice Counts! Our industry is in jeopardy and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Now is not the time to sit back and watch, Now is time to Act, contact your representatives today!


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7 days ago

What can we do to stop all of this, and really stop it all. The parishes we live in are almost all run by anti-cannabis kind of people who don't believe it has any purpose other than to get junkies high. It feels hopeless to contact these kinds of people (especially when you see R by their name) and try to convince them that this bill is harmful. Please help :(

Unknown member
6 days ago
Replying to

I encourage you to contact your representatives, have your friends and family contact them as well. If it's one or two people, they tend to shrug it off. If a lot of people contact them they do take it seriously, may not change them but they will pay closer attention to their votes.

And not just your hometown, encourage others across the state to use our email program. While your representatives may not change, those in other areas could be influenced by their constitutents.

hope this helps


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