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New Leadership in Louisiana Legislature

As the newly elected legislature begins its work for the 2024-2028 term, the first act of business was to elect a Senate President and a Speaker of the House. Once elected by their respective legislative bodies, the Senate President and the Speaker then appointed the legislative committees, Chairs of the Committees, and the Vice Chairs.

The new legislature is taking shape, has already completed one special session, and the Governor has called for a second special session to begin on February 19th. This legislature has hit the ground running and will remain in session until June. The regular session begins on March 11th.

We congratulate the Senate and House leadership and wish them the best as they take on very difficult issues in the first year of their term. We have listed key leadership positions that will likely review any proposed hemp legislation in 2024.

President of the Senate: Senator Cameron Henry, from Metairie, has been elected President of the Senate, replacing retiring Senator Paige Cortez from Lafayette.

President Henry was elected unanimously in January, He is a conservative, a republican, and is in his second term as a senator. colleagues.

Speaker of the House: Representative Phillip DeVillier, from Eunice, has been elected Speaker of the House, replacing retiring Representative Clay Schexnayder from Gonzales.

Speaker DeVillier was also elected unanimously in January. He is a conservative, a republican, and in his third term as a representative.

Chair, House Health & Welfare Committee: Representative Dustin Miller was appointed as Chair of the House Health & Welfare Committee. Dustin is from Opelousas and serving in his third term as a representative. The committee has been active in the oversight of the Department of Health's role in the approval of consumable hemp products.

Committee Members include:

Dustin Miller, Chairman Adrian Fisher

Rhonda Gaye Butler, Vice Chair Jason Hughes

Stephanie Hunter Berault Steven Jackson

Emily Chenevert Wayne McMahen

Raymond Crews Brach Jerad Myers

Kellee Hennessy Dickerson Larry Selders

Michael Charles Echols Joseph A. Stagni

Peter F. Egan, Sr. Christopher Turner


Chair, House Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, & Rural Development Committee: Representative Troy Romero is from the Jennings area and is serving in his second term as a representative. The committee has oversight responsibility over the Department of Agriculture and has been involved in the department's hemp programs.

Committee Members Include:

Troy Romero, Chair Chance Keith Henry

Travis C. Johnson, Vice Chair Jacob Landry

Beryl Amedee Danny McCormick

Larry Bagley Wayne McMahen

Chad Michael Boyer Rodney Schamerhorn

Marcus Bryant Larry Selders

Rhonda Gaye Butler Vincent St. Blanc, III

Kimberly Coates Francis C. Thompson

Adrian Fisher Christopher Turner

Chair, Senate Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, & Rural Development Committee Committee: Senator Stewart Cathey was re-appointed as Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Senator Cathey is in his second term as a senator and is from Monroe. The committee has been active in reviewing hemp legislation in previous years.

Committee Members Include:

Stewart Cathey, Jr., Chair Michael "Big Mike" Fesi

William "Bill" Wheat, Vice Chair Katrina R. Jackson-Andrews

Robert Allain Glen Womack

Adam Bass

Chair, Senate Health & Welfare Committee: Senator Patrick McMath has been appointed chair of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee, Senator McMath is from Covington and is in his second term as a senator. The committee plays an important role in reviewing proposed hemp legislation.

Committee Members Include:

Patrick McMath, Chair Valarie Hodges

Katrina R. Jackson-Andrews Jay Luneau

Gerald Boudreaux Robert "Bob" Owen

Heather Cloud Thomas A. Pressly

Bob Hensgens Eddie J. Lambert, ex-officio

No legislation relating to the hemp industry has been pre-filed for the 2024 Legislative Session. Legislators have until March 1st to pre-file bills. We will notify you if and when legislation is filed that impacts the hemp industry in Louisiana.

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