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Yesterday was the last day to file bills for consideration by the Louisiana Legislature.

Senator Kirk Talbot, River Ridge, filed SB 495, calling for a major overhaul of the Hemp Industry in Louisiana, including the prohibition of sales of products at gas stations, requiring all products to be sold by a master distributor, ban hemp beverages, and authorizing the sale of Consumable Hemp Vape Products.


Representative Dustin Miller, Opelousas, filed HB 952, amending current law to limit certain THC products, clarify the definition of serving sizes, and setting standards for Retailers wishing to sell consumable hemp products.

Senator Talbot - SB 495 Highlights

SB 495 is a complete overhaul of the Hemp Industry in Louisiana. The bill attempts to restructure the industry, change where products can be sold, and limit who can sell products to retailers.

Senator Talbot's bill is long and detailed with major changes to the industry that will impact every hemp manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and consumer. The bill creates a new hemp license called a Consumable Food Manufacturing Distributor (CFMD). In order to qualify as a CFMD, a company must have a pending hemp product "Good Manufacturing Practices" certification as of December 31, 2023. It is unknown how many companies may qualify for this license.

All CFMD facilities must be inspected and approved by the LA Department of Health prior to December 31, 2021. The proposed law requires that all hemp products be distributed by a CFMD.

The bill also authorizes a new license to be issued by the LA Ag Department, a "Processor of Industrial Hemp". A Louisiana Processor may only process hemp plants and extract the cannabinoids. The bill adds that a Processor may only sell their extracts to a CFMD. A Processor may not manufacture hemp products to be sold at retail.

The bill also authorizes the manufacture and sale of Hemp Vape Products, changing the prohibition of products intended for inhalation. Under the bill, vape products may only be manufactured and distributed by a CFMD.

A Remote Retailer selling hemp products online must have a physical location in Louisiana. Additionally, a Retailer must have a physical location in Louisiana and may only buy hemp products from a licensed CFMD.

SB 495 also prohibits the sale of canned or kegged beverages that contain any form of CBD or THC. The bill further bans the inclusion of CBD in an alcoholic beverage. Current law prohibits THC being added to an alcoholic beverage.

As mentioned, the bill is long and detailed. To read the entire bill, click on the link below.

24.4.2 SB 495 Sen Talbot - Consumable Hemp Products
Download PDF • 133KB

Representative Miller - HB 952 Highlights

HB 952 proposes targeted changes to the hemp industry in Louisiana, attempting to resolve concerns over high concentration THC products and the sale of hemp THC products to children.

Representative Miller has met with industry leaders and has committed to continue to working with the industry as his bill moves through the legislative process. He expects that he will amend his bill to further address concerns he and other legislators may have about hemp products. He is an advocate for the industry and feels that additional legislation is needed to clarify current law.

His bill addresses confusion over serving sizes of hemp products. He clarifies that beverages are limited to a single serving per can or bottle, and that tinctures are limited to 120ml in volume.

HB 952 also addresses homologues of THC such as THC-P and others. LDH has approved many product labels for these products and HB 952 proposes a ban on these homologues of THC.

The bill also requires that applicants for ATC permits undergo a review by the department prior to receiving a permit from ATC. Persons convicted of certain crimes would not be eligible.

To read Representative Miller's bill click on the link below:

24.4.2 HB 952 MIller Consumable Hemp Products
Download PDF • 72KB

It is clear to me that some form of change is coming to the hemp industry in Louisiana. Senator Pressly wants to kill the industry, Senator Talbot seems to want to totally restructure it, and Representative Miller wants to solve some of the problems resulting from confusion and mis-interpretation of current law.

All of these bills will impact the industry, if they become law. We will continue to post News Flashes as events unfold. We will likely ask you to contact your State Senators and Representatives at the appropriate time, always be polite.

Our lobbying team is hard at work and we will do our best to keep you informed.


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