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HB 952 - Rep Miller Scheduled for House Health & Welfare Committee on Tuesday April 16th at 9:00am

Representative Dustin Miller, Opelousas, has schedule HB 952 for a hearing before the House Health & Welfare Committee for Tuesday April 16th at 9:00am. Rep Miller chairs the committee that will be hearing his bill.

Here's a quick recap of what's in HB 952:

  • The bill redefines a consumable hemp product as any product containing more than .5mg of THC Compounds, effectively making most hemp products Adult-use consumable hemp products

  • Clarifies how a serving size is determined based on the type of product that is being reviewed, i.e., a Tincture, a Beverage, and other products.

  • Prohibits the adding of any THC compounds to an alcoholic beverage

  • Prohibits alternative forms of THC such as THC-p, THC-h, THC-jd, and THC-b.

  • Limits beverages to a single serving of THC (8mg) per can or bottle

  • Prohibits the sale of hemp flower

  • Requires hemp products to be tested within a 15% tolerance

  • Requires sellers of hemp products to undergo a background check

  • Requires hemp products to be behind the counter

  • Requires a person to be 21 years old to purchase hemp products

  • Authorizes the Hemp Association of Louisiana to appoint a member to the Louisiana Industrial Hemp Promotion and Research Advisory Board.

The committee meeting will be held at the state capital in committee room 5. The bill will be reviewed and discussed. The committee may amend portions of the bill, reject the bill, or approve the bill. If approved, the bill will be sent the the Full House for a vote. Public comment will be allowed. There are strict rules regarding decorum and a person wishing to speak must submit a card at the hearing.

Here is a link to HB 952:

24.4.2 HB 952 MIller Consumable Hemp Products
Download PDF • 72KB

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