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HB 952 by Rep Miller Scheduled for House Vote Tuesday April 23rd

HB 952 by Representative Miller is scheduled for a house vote on Tuesday April 23rd.

Representative Miller's bill attempts to clean up existing regulations, tighten controls over consumable hemp products, and clarify previous legislation.

HB 952 addresses several issues:

  • Requires THC compounds used in the manufacture of consumable hemp products be limited to those naturally derived from hemp.

  • Prohibits the sale of hemp flower

  • Clarifies how a serving of consumable hemp products shall be determined

  • Requires consumable hemp products to be stored in a location that is inaccessible to the public without assistance, except for hemp beverages

  • Authorizes ATC to revoke a permit to sell consumable hemp products on the first violation

  • Requires testing of cannabinoids used in consumable hemp products

  • Authorizes LDH to establish laboratory testing qualifications for companies testing consumable hemp products with a preference for Louisiana companies.

  • Sets Standards for those applying for a permit to sell consumable hemp products

  • Requires retailers to verify the age of people purchasing hemp products

  • Authorizes the Hemp Association of Louisiana to appoint a person to the Industrial Hemp Promotion and Research Advisory Board

To read the entire bill click here:

24.4.16 ENGROSSED as amended by H&W HB 952 MIller
Download PDF • 75KB

The Hemp Association of Louisiana supports HB 952 and encourages you to email your state representative and state senator. To send an email to your elected official click here:

"Click on Email Your Elected Official", enter your name and address, the software will look up your elected officials and send them a pre-written email.

If you want to write your own email, click on "Compose Your Own Message". You may customize your message and the software will email your message to your elected officials. Always be polite and respectful when communicating with your elected representatives.

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