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Governor Jeff Landry - Committed to Louisiana People

Governor Jeff Landry was sworn into office on Sunday January 7, 2024 as Louisiana's 57th Governor. Our Governor is married to Sharon Landry and they have a son named "JT".

Jeff grew up in the small town of St. Martinsville where his mother was a schoolteacher and his parents took him to church every day. Later, Jeff learned the value of hard work in the sugar cane fields and then proudly joined the National Guard, serving in Operation Desert Storm. After returning home, Jeff worked as a police officer and sheriff’s deputy, and later started a successful business and went to law school.

As a public servant, both as a U.S. Congressman and the Attorney General of Louisiana, Jeff Landry has shown strength and courage fighting for common sense values and bringing people together to deliver solutions.

I took the time to attend the Governors inauguration. It was worth the time & effort.

In his inaugural address, the Governor reflected on the trials, tribulations, hopes, and dreams of Louisiana citizens. He called on the newly seated legislature to remember that the State's Capital is not only built of stone but more importantly built with the toil and suffering of Louisiana citizens, their perseverance, and their determination. The Governor praised the spirit of Louisiana citizens which is rooted in "a culture of joy, of love, of kindness, of resilience, of diversity, and of unbridled hospitality".

As he spoke directly to his fellow elected officials with whom he will govern our state, he reminded them:

"It is here that we come together, so that their lives are governed evenhandedly. So that their hard-earned money is spent judiciously; so that their institutions are compelled to serve them, and not disenfranchise them; so that their government fulfills the missions contrived by them; and so that their children are promised the perpetual legacy of opportunity."

"The people of Louisiana deserve a government just as great as they are. I fully appreciate that in governing, a difference of opinion must exist for there to be deliberation. And it is our duty to deliberate respectfully and productively to deliver solutions our people seek."

"It is in that spirit that I welcome your thoughts; I value your opinions; I respect your ideologies; and I sincerely invite your ideas."

"To the Legislature; I ask you to help me help you, and together help them.......for our failure is not an option."

"To my fellow citizens; I pledge to you an open door. I welcome anyone and everyone to the table of thought with an open ear."

The Governor went on to articulate his intention to address violent crime, to support law enforcement, to improve the health & welfare of families, and to provide small business opportunities for Louisiana citizens.

The Governor's speech was inspiring and uplifting, touching upon many issues that Louisiana Citizens face today. He offered hope and prayer and made it clear that he and his team will work diligently to bring positive change to Louisiana.

While the evening air was chilled by the weather, the Governor warmed the hearts of those in attendance and closed the inauguration with a brilliant display of fireworks. Everyone listened, Everyone stayed. Our new Governor demonstrated that he listened on the campaign trail, he heard the concerns, and he has a plan to make Louisiana citizens proud.

I drove home feeling good about the future of our state. The future of business opportunities in our state. And the future of our industry in our state. I felt good about Jeff Landry being our new Governor.

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