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Senate Bill 237, by Senator Pressly, was scheduled for a vote by the full house yesterday, the bill was deferred.

House Bill 952, by Representative Miller, was scheduled for public comment in the Senate Ag Committee yesterday, it was deferred.

A large number of industry proponents showed up for the Senate Ag Committee meeting only to be told at the opening of the meeting that the bill would not be heard. No reason was given for the deferral.

The House went into session at Noon, SB 237 was scheduled for floor debate. The bill was passed over and is now scheduled for debate and vote TODAY. We don't know if the house will vote on the bill or not.

It is rumored that the session will end next Friday, May 31st. That does not leave much time for legislators to finish their work. There is a lot of juggling of schedules to get bills heard which is probably why these bills were delayed.

If you have not emailed your legislators, please use the link below to do so now. There is a very strong movement to BAN HEMP PRODUCTS, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Click here to use our automated system.

We will keep you updated as we learn more. The legislature is going to vote on these bills, we will be there promoting the Hemp Industry of Louisiana.


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